VIDYA BHARATI aims at giving refined education to every child in true spirit and ideals of India Constitution to build a just and egalitarian society. The corner-stone of our educational philosophy is a firm belief in the statement "Every child is potentially the light of the world as well as the cause of its darkness; whereof must the question of education be accounted as primary importance." At VIDYA BHARATI every effort is made to make every child good at heart with high moral values, etiquette and manners and smart and capable of mind. Thereby a child becomes a gift of God to mankind and a pride of human race.
Seeing and feeling the necessity of Sitamarhi on the incessant demand of the guardians we decided to start Senior Secondary School of CBSE Curriculum in this town from the Session 2011-12 and this institution will certainly fulfil the aspirations of the guardians and students.This school has very grand building and campus with all amenities required for student.

is to devlop national education policy through which a generation of youth could be produced which is full of patriotism which is physically, vitally mentally, intellectually and spiritually fully devloped and which can successfully meet the present challenges of life and which is commited to well harmonize, enrich and refine national life by setting the downtrodden, deprived brothern dwelling in villages, forests, hill-caves and slums free from social malpractices, exploitation and injustice.